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TailorGuide featured in "A-studio" - watched by nearly 10% of the population

By: Sakari Kyrö, 14.06.2018

The Finnish TV-show A-studio looks at how local retailers can remain competitive if Amazon comes to the Nordic market. TailorGuide is presented as one of the options to use technology as an advantage.

Curvy fashion on the treadmill

By: Tiina Salminen, 06.03.2018

If in nearly 40 years we haven’t been able to get world-wide obesity under control, maybe it’s time we change tactics.

Sizes are just numbers.

By: Tiina Salminen, 19.02.2018

Did you know, that originally sizes were just random numbers?

Stop telling my daughter she's fat!

By: Tiina Salminen, 19.02.2018

Would it be time to stop telling people they are large or small, when the size label has absolutely nothing to do with their body?

The Meaning Of Fitting Clothes And Materials

By: Tiina Salminen, 14.02.2018

Your wallet, mood, even your health benefit from clothes that are the right size, fits well and made of good materials.