The competition in e-commerce is getting tougher and tougher. Existing vendors need to stay relevant in an environment where big giants expand their reach, and new incumbents challenge with innovation. 

Amazon has been in Europe for a while, but it has thus far not had country operations in the Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway). 

There have been rumors about Amazon coming to the Nordic market as soon as the autumn of 2018. 

The A-studio journalists interviewed currently strong players on the Finnish market about ways to remain competitive. 

Technology was highlighted as one of the possible ways to gain and maintain competitive advantage. 

In apparel e-commerce size selection is an important part. A-studio presented TailorGuide as a new service that made that process much easier.

The insert starts at 16min 50sec of the show.

Available online until the beginning of July. (in Finnish only) 

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