Your wallet, mood, even your health benefit from clothes that are the right size, fits well and made of good materials.



Every one of us knows the feeling when you put on an outfit, that fits like a dream. The seams of your knickers don’t abrade your skin, breasts stay put and the underwire doesn’t press against your armpit. You don’t have to pull your pants up, there’s a comfortable amount of space in the crotch and the cut of your blouse flatters your body. Your clothes feel like another skin – they protect your and are there, but it feels like you have nothing on.

Clothing brands have started to serve different shapes on a whole new scale than before. The ”fashionable” gap between sizes has diminished significantly, it doesn’t really matter if you’re a size 36, 46 or 56. Everybody can find something nice and fitting to wear.

Also, materials and the way the clothes are sewn have a huge impact on the fitting. You can compare a straight sheath dress to an airy summer dress – if those materials would be swapped, the dress wouldn’t serve it’s purpose anymore.



A big YAY! Keyword to the dressing culture these days is body positivity. Everyone is gorgeous in their own body and has the right to love their curves. The mental image of cellulite showing through your training pants might be hard to get rid of, but the development of materials and styles have brought fitted training outfits for everyone to look good in. The sporty trend you see on the streets has become acceptable, leggings aren’t considered to be long johns anymore, but a fashionable piece of your trendy outfit. A few years back training clothes even played their part in the New York Fashion Week.

”You can be sporty, but still feminine and strong” Elina Loueranta, designer of training clothes, comments.

One could say, that the sports clothes of today are multi-purpose clothing, e.g. straight, black training pants are just as good to wear to the office.

”We’ve grown apart from that straight, tall, boxy like sports fashion. Today people want to show their healthy curves more, which is only a good thing” Elina tells about the development of sporty trends.



You have an important negotiation today, and you put on your best outfit, that you have carefully thought through starting from the panties. You know you look good and professional. You walk with a light step, head held high, even your hair flows perfectly. You are bursting with self-confidence.


Think, why does your outfit have such a big role today? Think, if you could bring this feeling of self-confidence to every single day.

When you buy clothes for work, home, or to wear when you go jogging, you probably buy something that fits you well and feels nice. What differs that outfit you wore to the important negotiation from your everyday outfit? When you find your answer, add it to your everyday dressing. Who knows, maybe enjoying the reflection on your mirror has an effect on your self-confidence, whether you are naked or dressed, battling on the fields of flying baby porridge plates or at the office negotiating that important deal.

Badly fitting clothes can be compared to a shoe that doesn’t fit. When it squeezes and hurts, it shows on your face. So, throw that shabby, stretched home outfit to the bin and get yourself something amazing that fits well, but also feels good.

”No-one is perfect. Most of the people who go into the fitting booth, in some amount, complain about their more curvy bits. But when they are given right sized underwear – that even look good - to put on, their outfit looks better too. I can see how the customer's posture straightens.” Jaana Valo from Huittinen tells us.

Finding the perfect fit can be only done by finding the right size and cut, whether it’s overalls for work, training pants or a bra. Loyalty to size is a curse that is unfortunately common; the thought that if you have always bought the size S, you can’t possibly buy a size L, not even if it fits you better. People stare at the label with a number or a letter on it with such seriousness and commitment, that in worst case scenario, they will inflict health issues for themselves, and some could be rather serious.



Health benefits are considered more and more when designing clothes, materials, and fitting.

In sports attire, you can already see micro-massaging features that help your micro blood flow. Technical clothing dries faster and transfers sweat to the outer side, lowering the risk of getting a cold. In undergarments the right size and fit are particularly important, the wrong kind of undergarment can cause headaches, neck and shoulder problems and even back pain, especially with women with a larger bust size. In work clothes and uniforms the right protection is a critical factor, but also protecting the subject of work is important, for example in the field of small technology, where skin cells or hair must not end up in the project.

”A good fit is important when designing work clothes and uniforms. For example on construction sites, if one turns the leg of their trousers due to excessive length, it becomes a serious safety risk. Even though the feeling of fitting is determined by the user, there are still some basic aspects we have to consider.” says Meeri Taimisto, a fit&size expert.
”Of course, there are some differences between business fields, if we can offer basic fitting, good fitting or excellent fitting. In extreme protection clothing, for example on firemen, getting the uniform to feel as comfortable as a hotels reception workers uniform, isn’t possible. You could sum up, that the field of business that the uniform is made for, defines the elements of the uniform.” Meeri continues.

Clothes can also be viewed as a part to maximize staffs well-being. If the company takes care of employees’ comfort, ability to reject weather conditions and the safety of their uniforms, it is believed to have a positive effect on the staff's commitment to their employer. Loyal employees that enjoy their work are one of the best ways to boost brand image. Imagine a hotel receptionist in a badly fitted and dirty uniform, and compare that to a receptionist whose uniform is clean and fits well. The difference on how you see the hotel between these two receptionists is quite big.



How your clothes fit, has a surprising impact on your wallet too. If you buy well fitted, right-sized clothing that is made from good materials, their lifeline is longer than what it is when buying cheaply made clothes. We all have those shirts, pants, knickers and bras that are shoved in the back of our closet unused and abandoned, that looked good in the store but weren’t so great to wear in everyday life.

In business, a company can reach significant saving when the uniforms fit their staff.

”Good fit is an expense factor. When the uniform fits, it’s lifeline is longer. It doesn’t wear or get dirty like a uniform, that has a poor fit. Companies could save a great deal of money when uniform renewal period is longer.” Meeri comments.



Finding the right size in the size variation is especially difficult when shopping online. Then again, you can often find the best selection and deals online, so how do you know which size to pick?

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People that were interviewed:
Elina Loueranta, a progressive sports attire designer, Biancaneve's founding partner
Jaana Valo, entrepreneur at Gasell undergarment store and the ”busybody” at various women’s events
Meeri Taimisto, a woman with a long career in clothing, fitting and sizing, who works at Lindström Group