Digital size guide solution

Boost your ecommerce sales conversion and minimize returns with TailorGuide

TailorGuide is a digital size guide solution specially designed for apparel ecommerce and workwear providers. TailorGuide mobile app measures the person, followed by TailorGuide cloud service using those measurements for size recommendations based on brand and/or  product specific size chart data.

Sizes vary a great deal among manufacturers and countries. Even exact and specific size charts exist in some cases, there is still a risk of a human error when people measure themselves with a measuring tape or just simply guessing their sizes when shopping clothes online. 

More loyal customers

Studies show, that consumers will more likely to return to a specific store or ecommerce site if they feel they get excellent customer service. One aspect of excellent customer service is providing the needed product information to make shopping easy.

In the clothing business, size charts provide information about measurements and overall fitting, but usually size charts are either missing or are confusing, leaving the responsibility to the consumers to make the right pick. This is specially difficult in ecommerce, and this is why we are here to help your business. 

TailorGuide user measurements follow the ISO 8559-1 measurement standard and specifications.

Go green

Packages sailing, flying and traveling on wheels all over the world is a massive environmental issue. When your customers order the perfect size at first go and don’t need to return the ones that don’t fit, you can help the environment on your part with TailorGuide.

Help your customers be environmentally responsible.

How to get started?

Since the beginning we have aimed to make the TailorGuide implementation as quick and effortless as possible for the online stores. 

Contact us and let's get started. We will deliver you a ready made integration script that is specially designed for your online store, which you can copy into your ecommerce platform. Then we will guide you through the size chart portal for implementing the size charts needed or, if you want, we can do this for you, a turnkey service. That's all!

The integration works by automatically displaying a TailorGuide link on the products for which there is a size chart match, according to the brand, product category or unique product. When users log in, they always receive size recommendations according to their own measurements. Clever, right?

But that's not all. Through the TailorGuide link customers can also view the size chart information, without loggin in. The user profile can also be created manually, without having any pictures. 

All this is accordance with the GDPR, and a little more. 

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Thank you!