The Most Accurate Solution to Size Guidance

Reduce your return rate with TailorGuide

TailorGuide is a virtual size guide solution for apparel e-commerce. TailorGuide mobile app measures the person, followed by TailorGuide cloud service using those measurements for size recommendations based on brand and product data. 

Sizes vary a great deal among manufacturers and countries. Even exact and specific size charts exist in some cases, there is still a risk of a human error when people measure themselves with measuring tape. TailorGuide stands for ISO-standard. 

More loyal customers

Studies show, that consumers will more likely to return to a specific store if they feel they get excellent customer service. One aspect of customer service is providing the needed information to make shopping easy. In the clothing business, size charts have provided information about measurements, but usually, charts are general and leave the responsibility to the consumer to make the right pick. This is specially difficult in e-commerce, and this is why we are here to help your business. 

Get new customers

There is a group of consumers, that rather shop in the store because they see online shopping unreliable, difficult or hard work. How many people know their measurements, own a measuring tape and know or can measure themselves correctly? Some even confess to being lazy with returns and would rather try clothes on in store.

Lure this group of in-store shoppers with quick and accurate size guidance with TailorGuide.

Go Green

Packages sailing, flying and traveling on wheels all over the world is a massive environmental issue. When your customers order the perfect size at first go and don’t need to return the ones that don’t fit, you can help the environment on your part with TailorGuide. 

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