If all measurements are known, 
sizes become obsolete

Standardized sizing in clothing was introduced nearly a century ago to simplify life for consumers. That model worked well as a rough measure that could then be verified by fitting the clothes.

In an e-commerce world where fitting is not possible, size does not matter. Nobody wants to wear clothes that “sort of“ fall into the right ballpark. The fit is important, and made-to-measure is still a luxury.

Sizing varies so much between brands, that getting it right every time is nearly impossible. Why? Because size does not really matter.

What matters is measurements. Measurements of the user. Measurements of the garment.

What if technology could help consumers find the clothes that fit as if they were made-to-measure? All we need to know is the measurements of the consumer, and the measurements of the garment.

Combined with different recommendation engines, products could be filtered based on features and qualities, but leave the size and model selection to an application that compares measures.

At that point, users would wonder why nobody came up with the solution earlier.