Where can I download TailorGuide?

You can download TailorGuide for Android devices from the Google Play store, and for iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

What devices support TailorGuide?

You can activate TailorGuide and measure yourself with any Android (version 5.1 or later) or iOS (version 10 or later) based mobile device with a front camera. You can use TailorGuide inside supported online stores with any modern browser or use it in the online shop’s own app.

How can TailorGuide recommend me the right size?

TailorGuide uses three pictures to measure you. The result is often even more accurate than if it were done with a measuring tape. When you are shopping online and get your size recommendation with TailorGuide, we compare your measurements to the actual measurements of that piece of clothing you are interested in.

Are my pictures and measurements saved somewhere?

Your pictures never leave your device and are destroyed as soon as TailorGuide has calculated your measurements. Those pictures are only used for calculating your measurements and this happens only on your own device. Your measurements are kept safe with TailorGuide. We do not collect or store the photos or hand over measurements to third parties. TailorGuide compares your measurements to the size charts that we have. You can read more about how we protect your privacy on our Privacy page.