Privacy by default

Protecting your privacy has always been one of the foundations for Choozr and TailorGuide, not just to comply with privacy laws but because we think it is the right thing to do.

The key measures we have taken to protect your privacy are:


Local processing

Unlike most measuring tools using cloud-based computer vision technologies, we have put in extra effort to develop a revolutionary computer vision solution that processes photos locally on your device.

Your photos never leave your device without your knowledge. And should you choose to send the photos, these are sent only to your assigned tailor. 


We always ask

We never share your personal details with third parties without your knowledge. If you choose to share your measurements and photos with, for example, a made-to-measure store, we always ask for your permission first.


We are transparent

We are committed to documenting all privacy and data related policies in easy to understand and user-friendly ways, and to inform all users of any changes, what data we collect and how we use that data. We have also built in tools for users to either delete or export all of their personal data in a computer readable format


Take a look at your data

We created a Takeout Tool for exporting your personal data. It helps you verify what data we store and helps in case you want to use your data elsewhere.

In the name of transparency, it is a complete and unfiltered database export of your details in a computer readable JSON format that can be opened, for example in your favorite JSON viewer tool.

You can find the Takeout Tool here.

Privacy FAQ

Who can see the end user's pictures?

As a default, only the end user can see their photos. Pictures are always processed on the end user's device and deleted at the end. If the end user sends the photos to a selected tailor store, the tailor can only receive and see the pictures by activating the high-privacy encryption key. Choozr/TailorGuide or any other third party can never see the pictures.

Can the tailor see the face from the photos?

No. Choozr and TailorGuide automatically blur faces in every photo. Tailors can only see your legs and torso, from neck to toes.

Can users see their measurements?

When sending your own measurements, you can double-check your measurement points from the photos. After they have been sent, user can still see their measurement stats in their own account.

Can users preview their pictures?

Yes. Users can preview your measurement pictures before sending them to the tailor.