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May 25, 2018





Aarila Dots Oy


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the register


Toni Lähdekorpi (Data Protection Officer)


Friitalantie 11 B, 28400 Ulvila, Finland


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Name of register

TailorGuide clothing size service


Purpose of


personal details

Aarila Dots Oy is committed to protect the privacy of its customers and to be compliant with the data protection law (GDPR).

Aarila Dots Oy collects personal details in its TailorGuide clothing size service (hereafter, “Service”). Customers are measured digitally using the TailorGuide mobile application, after which the customer’s measurement details are transferred to the TailorGuide cloud service, if the customer is a registered user.

The purpose of the service is to provide digitally measured customers with clothing brand-specific clothing size recommendations in those online clothing stores that have signed a contract with Aarila Dots Oy for the use of the Service.

As a service provider, we collect information in order to offer better services to all users. We request basic information about the users, such as their language, but also some more complex details.

The use of our service requires creating an account with the Service. Upon registration, we request personal details, such as your name and email address, as well as your preferences and other settings regarding the functionality of the application, so that we can save them on the registered account.

We use the collected information to provide, maintain, protect and improve our services and to develop new services. We also use this information to offer you personalized content, such as more relevant search results and ads.

The name you disclose in your profile on our Service may be used by us in all of our services that require an account with the Service. Additionally, we may replace any previously used names on your user account with the Service for you to appear under the same name in all of our services.

If you contact the Service Provider, we will retain a record of this interaction in order to resolve any issues you may encounter. We may use your email address to notify you of services, for example, to tell you about future changes and improvements.

We use information collected from cookies and other technologies, such as pixel tags, to improve your user experience and the general quality of our services. For example, by saving your language settings, we can display our services to you in your own language. However, when we show customized ads to you, we will not connect an identifier based on a cookie or a similar technology to sensitive subjects, such as race, religion, sexual orientation or state of health.

We will ask you for your consent before we use your information for any other purposes than the ones specified in this privacy policy.


The register’s

information content

  • Email address
  • User’s sign in token
  • Person’s name
  • Gender
  • User’s body measurement details

    Our mobile application produces user-specific body measurement details, which we collect and store in the cloud service. The measurement details are used to offer clothing size recommendations in our Service, according to the user account profile and preferences.

    The collected measurement details are, among others:
  • user’s height
  • chest circumference
  • waist circumference
  • hip circumference
  • thigh circumference
  • neck circumference
  • back measurement
  • sleeve measurement
  • leg measurement
  • etc.
  • Device information

    We collect device-specific information (for example, device model, version of the operating system, individual device identifiers, as well as the mobile network used).
  • Log information

    When you use the Mobile Application or the Service, or when you view the information provided by the Service, we automatically collect and save certain information into our server logs. This information includes:
  • details about how you use our services
  • internet protocol address
  •  device usage information, such as information about any crashes, operation       of  the system, device settings, browser type, browser language, the time
    and date of your query as well as the related URL address reference.
  • Location information

    When you use the Mobile Application or the Service,
    we may collect and process information related to your actual location . We determine the location using various technologies, such as the IP address, GPS data and other sensors that may, for example, provide the Service Provider with information about nearby devices, access points of the Wi-Fi network and radio towers.
  • Unique application numbers

    Some services contain a unique application number. This number and information about your installation (for example, the type of the operating system and the version of the application) may be sent to the Service Provider, when you install or uninstall the service in question or when the service contacts our servers, for example, when it retrieves automatic updates.
  • Local storage

    We may locally collect and save information (including personal information) on your device by using browser storage (including HTML 5), application cache or other similar mechanisms.



sources of


Registered users of the TailorGuide mobile application and service, who have accepted the terms and conditions.



disclosure of


Personal information will not be disclosed to third parties, unless the person specifically consents to the provision of their measurement details to a particular and identified online clothing store.


Personal data protection

All personal data is protected against unauthorized access and accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure, transfer or other unauthorized disclosure.

You can read more about how we protect your privacy from our privacy information page .

If you find that there are shortcomings or is unlawful, you have the right to file a complaint with the Supervisory Authority .


Data retention time

We only keep your personal information for the time needed to complete the uses described in this Privacy Policy. In addition, some information may be retained longer to the extent necessary to carry out the obligations laid down in law, such as accounting and normal use of the Service, and to demonstrate their proper implementation.

As is your legal right, granted by privacy laws, you have a "right to be forgotten" and remove all of your personal information from the TailorGuide service.

You can remove your personal information from the TailorGuide mobile application, in your profile page.

As is your legal right, granted by privacy laws, you can export all of your personal information in a computer-readable format. You can download all of your details using the TailorGuide Takeout tool .


Principles of



Personal information will be stored on EU internal servers or secure systems accessible only to Aarila Dots Oy's admin staff. The technical and process security of these data centers and systems are at a very high level. Servers are protected against intrusion attacks and denial-of-service attacks. In handling personal data and in technical solutions, we follow good privacy practices, for example. consolidation, minimization, pseudonymization, anonymization and encryption. The processing of personal data has taken into account the requirements of the EU data protection regulations (GDPR). All access to personal data is monitored in accordance with good practice.