The best body measurement solution for tailors, dressmakers, and individuals

TailorGuide is a digital body measurement solution designed for tailors and dressmakers to receive their customers’ body measurements easily, accurately, and with complete privacy.

TailorGuide is the perfect choice for all kinds of made-to-measure professionals, ranging from small tailor shops to well-known brands worldwide.

We help you reach beyond physical limitations.


Unique ways to benefit from TailorGuide:

Customers can use the App from anywhere in the world and easily take their measurements in no time by taking two images. Share the data with a tailor, and voilà.

Using the Dashboard, tailors can view, validate and adjust the measurement points on the original customer images to ensure accurate results.

Use a digital ruler allowing accurate measuring of any required straight line from the image - a handy tool to measure anything. 

We help with storage and keeping things organized. All your customer measurement data is stored in the highly secure TailorGuide Dashboard.

TailorGuide Solution

Where to get the TailorGuide App - for individuals

Download the app for free on the App Store and Google Play.

After your download, open the app and follow the simple instructions to get set up. You can have accurate measurements taken in less than two minutes.

The app will guide you to take two full-body selfies, one from the front and one from the side view. These photos are all that’s required to calculate accurate body measurements. You can also send the original photos to your named tailor. All data shared within the app is always secured with strong encryption.


Get TailorGuide from Google Play

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TailorGuide App

The TailorGuide Dashboard – Your everyday assistant

The TailorGuide Dashboard processes and stores your customer’s data safely.

It is where you receive access to measurements, and images sent by your customer. Once received you can easily view and adjust any key points (if needed) to support your stunning work.

This assistant allows you to focus on making great clothing and spreading the joy of custom-tailored garments all around the world.

TailorGuide Dashboard

Try TailorGuide Dashboard for free for 21 days.

What’s in it for you? Everything!

  • Tailors and dressmakers who use TailorGuide are ahead of their competitors in the market.
  • With TailorGuide you can scale your business to become more than the shop on the street.
  • Customers from across the world or state can use your service without having to visit your physical location.
  • TailorGuide provides accurate measurements saving you time and the pressure of ensuring customer comfort during measurements.
  • Get started with the dashboard for free and move up to simple, value-based pricing. No fixed monthly fees!